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This very easily could have been an entirely different book – cliché, or grasping for the low-hanging fruit, or totally self-involved and just not that interesting. But it’s none of those things. “Miss-matched at Midlife” is a hilarious, poignant beautifully written look at coming of age in midlife that many women – even those who aren’t looking for love – will be able to identify with. The author writes with humor and confidence, but more importantly, she writes with insight. A true joy to read.

~Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards, 5-Stars


Oh boy, can this woman write!

There are times, not often, you come across a book that blows you away. You didn’t expect it at all. Miss Matched At Midlife, is one of those books.

Make no mistake and form an opinion by the title (as I did), though the title tells what the book is about. I didn’t know what to expect and what I saw surprised and got me hooked from the beginning. Here’s why.

Miss Matched At Midlife is a brilliant read; human and entertaining at the same time. It tells you about the hopes and wishes of a human being seeking another. At times, it is harrowing.

It reads like a novel and yet it is a non-fiction book. The stories are put together in a way it is easy to follow and each lays the ground for the next.

Rebecca is an excellent observer of the human nature which she describes in simple terms and great detail. Just enough to make you feel and see the person she is talking about.

Rebecca bears her soul open and lets you in into her world. You see and feel her hopes, heartaches, wishes and dreams through her.

Above all, you see the world of men; naked, raw, as it really is: every now and then funny, often sad and lost, at times childish and hopeless, and in occasions sublime. If you are a man, take note os this world.

Miss Matched At Midlife reads with ease, a lot of time and effort must have gone into editing and polishing it. Hats off!

Whether you are a man or a woman, you’ll be better for reading it. I am. I wish I was one of her dates so I could feel the way she does.

I laughed, I smiled, I was sad, I judged and felt bad for doing so, my heart was broken, I was slashed with hope and despair at the same time. Above all, I saw the world of a woman like never before.

I am humbled by and thankful for it.

I’ll read it again. I’m sure you will.

~ Paul Prifti, Book Publisher, UK


The package containing this book arrived (with a stack of other books for review) yesterday. It was supposed to wait its turn but I jumped in & finished it today. I found myself immediately wondering who would play the author, Rebecca Brockway, in the movie. Not sure that there’s enough of a plot line for a feature film (unless it’s a Robert Altman or Woody Allen 95 characters thing) or maybe something Eat Pray Love-ish . As the subtitle says it’s a bunch of “Dating Episodes” but I found myself casting the lead none-the-less. Definitely not Drew Barrymore, not Kate Hudson (or her mother Goldie Hawn), not Meg Ryan. Too cute! Not Julia Roberts. She’s too, well– Julia Roberts-ish. No, we need someone with attitude, someone feisty—and not Sally Field feisty. Maybe a nicer Chelsea Handler?

My first disconnect with this lead character was when she confessed to eating 75% dark chocolate. Everyone knows it’s 90% or bust. But I let that pass ‘cause she brazenly painted her clawfoot tub tangerine (yes, it’s a color) and she understands the nature of “adventurer’s remorse”.

I laughed out loud a lot. The early chapter where she decodes the words & phrases used in men’s dating profiles alone is worth the price of the book! Clever descriptions “dog and beast drove away”; more worked than didn’t.

Hollywood is probably going to want to tack on a happy ending, maybe a rush hour chase scene to the airport, in the rain, where the guy has to jump out of the cab and run the last 10 blocks to declare his everlasting love. The author wanted to take us there. She doesn’t hide her disappointment as she discloses in the last chapter [spoiler alert!] that “at the completion of this manuscript, I’ve acquired not a man but a perspective”. It was pretty clear that she would have preferred the former but she maintains a perky upbeat attitude leaving the reader with no doubt that, in time, this tattooed heroine will find her match. The reader will wish it for the author as well, this woman who has opened the pages of her diary and her heart to us. Buy it for all your single friends. Head out to the beach and read the funny bits out loud together. Fun!

~ Tsufit, Author, “Step Into The Spotlight!”


Yes, this book was written especially for women in midlife, and we can strongly identify with many of her experiences. Nonetheless  I strongly urge women of any age (20s, 30s, 40s as well as 50s and beyond) to also  select this book.  The insights you will gain can literally be game-changing, and can save you much angst and misdirection.  I certainly benefited enormously from her willingness to show us her vulnerabilities, errors in judgment, disappointments and disillusions.

There are also moments of  joy when the author believes she may have finally found “the one”– and more often than not is brought back to earth by something entirely unexpected. An optimist by nature, Rebecca Brockway clearly considers every experience, positive or negative, as one of life’s gifts.  As Brockway reports, “Within a span of nine years I’ve experienced a surplus of dating adventures. I’ve made my share of dating debacles, and I’ve celebrated my share of  successes. I’ve given midlife dating my best effort, and I’ve not conceded to defeat–even when my heart has been trampled and my ego lay exposed like a fragile, powder-blue robin’s egg.”

At the end of the book you will feel as if you have made a new friend, and will want to visit her at missmatchedatmidlife.com to see what more she’s up. Incidentally, Rebecca Brockway writes beautifully and has a great sense of humor as she takes you along on date after date. Her story, in my considered opinion, would make a marvelous motion picture. I hope someone smart does pick this unusual dating memoir up for the movies.  Meantime, thank you Rebecca, for sharing your remarkable journey with all those who, like you, are searching for love online and also have, like you, put their hearts  “on the line.”

~ Judy Katz, Huffington Post columnist and CEO of Ghostbooksters.com


Miss Matched at Midlife by Rebecca Brockway is a must read for all of us ladies who found ourselves single in our forties and fifties.  Actually, I think men should read it, too, as they would learn a lot.

Rebecca tells her stories in such a way that I found myself constantly laughing at her descriptions of some of the men she met. She is funny, witty, and most importantly, honest. Although her heart’s desire is to meet a man with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life, it will not be at the cost of her own self worth.  Learning to set boundaries is a process which Rebecca learns. We can all identify and learn from her experiences.
Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your dating experiences while juggling being a single mother.  Thank you for showing us how to maintain a sense of humor and to persevere.  Thank you for being genuine.
This book will entertain as well as make suggestions of how to avoid some of the pitfalls of internet dating.  I didn’t want the book to end but found myself wanting to read just one more story.  Each experience is well written, concise, and has a great ending because of Rebecca’s way with words.
Pull up your favorite chair and be prepared to laugh (and sigh) as you identify with many of Rebecca’s experiences.  It’s definitely worth your time.
~ Beverly Poole


Miss Matched at Midlife is a very entertaining and thought provoking exploration of a woman’s search for love in her 40’s and 50’s. Ms. Brockway is an honest and engaging guide, drawing on her own personal experiences. As a veteran of 151 “first dates” over a nine-year period, she has gained great insight into the pleasures and perils of dating. Her summaries of computer assisted matchmaking, and her decoding of the online profiles found there, are insightful and funny. Her descriptions of the time she has spent with the men she has encountered, either for 30 minutes or a year, are authentic and balanced. And she has learned the hard way never to make an illegal left turn out of a parking garage in order to end a date a soon as possible. In the end, Ms. Brockway remains optimistic, albeit a bit more realistic, about finding a companion for life.

~ John Rydell, Senior Partner, Griffith & Thornburgh. LLP


Just wanted to let you know that I received your book in the mail and it is just a hoot!  I find it incredulous that you have dated more than 150 men. You are going to be famous with your story and book.  It is truthful, funny, twisted, a total page-turner . . . and so relatable.  None of us readers would ever have expected to be in the dating pool at our age.  You have brought to life what so many women struggle with when their marriages fall apart.

Congratulations!  I look forward to seeing your rise to fame and fortune!

~ Grace L. Kim, MD, Anesthesiologist

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